To get you online we can help you in the best possible way.

First to get your website, you need to get a domain.

Every website development starts with a domain, Let’s get your domain.

The next step is to get a hosting and get your site developed by a WebyTechs developer.

We suggest you to start with Cpanel starter pack if you are just starting your website for the first time and later upgrade it as you use.

If you already have an experience with getting websites online, then you can select the product as your requirement or get help from a WebyTechs Expert.

CPanel Hosting

Now that we have got the hosting and required domain, now it’s time to get your website developed by an expert WebyTechs Developer.

**All prices are exclusive of 18% GST.**
**Website will be live and complete with in 10-15 working days or as promised at time of billing.**
  • Basic/Blog/Gallery website
  • Unlimited Pages/Posts/Gallery.
  • Backend Dashboard access.
  • All device responsive website design.
  • Unlimited Forms.
  • Unlimited Users.
  • Can add unlimited youtube videos.
  • ₹3,750/-

Once developed, the site will be hosted live on the hosting package you have purchased.

Please click here to contact us for the detailed process.