Payment gateways are gateways to accept money from your customers online through various kinds of payment methods like credit card, debit card, Net banking, UPI etc directly into your account.

Payment gateways generally give you tools to collect payment or code to collect payment directly from your site.

Payment gateways generally charge a minimum Transaction charge on each transaction and also GST.

Some payment gateways take a set up charge and some do not.

We are partnered with and it has ZERO Set up fee and a very minimal transaction fee.

Click the below link and sign up so we can help you with the sign up process.

You can also click here to contact us and we will help you set up payment gateway and start accept money online.

Registering with this payment gateway is free and it can be used freely to accept money online.

We do charge the development or linking or integrating charge where ever necessary to use this payment gateway in our products.

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