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WebyTechs is a software company located at Nizamabad town of Nizamabad district of the newly formed state of Telangana. WebyTechs was registered on 24th January 2018, with the ROC of India with legal name CADUCEUS WEBY TECHNOLOGIES LLP.

Get your Business online.

Have an idea or a running an offline business, We are here to get you online with tools you can never imagine.

In this era of smart phones, knowing business has started to be on tips of fingers. Having a website makes those tips know your business.

We believe in representing unique style of your brand than just displaying a mere information about your website, never missing your style in any kind of available device.

Reaching a mobile is a must, because every ambiguity is cleared by the search which majorly starts from a mobile, rather than a desktop. Even smart TVs and smart watches have been in the race. Being all device responsive is not a thing to worry about when you get your website designed by WebyTechs.

Having a website is just a beginning. Plethora of device types and your presence in all kind of them, makes you leave a mark on your competition and thus making you the real brand. Let us be a part in your brand’s journey and we will never let you down.

Having a working business is a start of your success. By working, we mean a business which is self efficient. We have all kinds of tools to make your business work the way it has to. 

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to making premium online presence, as affordable as possible with a motto of increasing employment in regions where IT sector is estimated not to be possible. With a mission to start as many platforms as possible, helping communities evolve to a point of being managed cent percent digitally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to take digital IT sector even to remote areas possible and training them to use it and also to develop it by themselves. There would be a day where our protocols will be the only ones which add sense to the financial stability of many individuals which is being a nightmare these days.

"Nothing is impossible. Making the impossible, the possible is the way we roll."

Yeso Akshith – CEO, WebyTechs

"Styling a thing is my skill and styling the best is my work."

Yeso Priya – COO, WebyTechs

"The way you learn anything will always give you something known as Success"

Gattu Sampath – General Manager, WebyTechs

"Leaders inspire people to do something. Managers hold people accountable for doing something"

Sokhi Balveer Kour – Store Manager

WHo We Are

Our Team

Gattu Sampath

General Manager

Balveer Kour

Store Manager

Sai Chand

Human Resources

Giri Prasad

Project Manager

Team 1

                                           V. Aishwarya

                                                                                     Team Leader
Y. Preethi

Team Member

B. Sneha

Team Member

Y. Smitha

Team Member

A. Sony

Team Member

Team 2

                              D. Surya Teja

                                                             Team Leader

M. Madhuri

Team Member

A. Srija Rani

Team Member

D. Sindhuja

Team Member

K. Bhavani

Team Member

M. Sanjay

Team Member

B. Sai Saketh

Team Member

B. Anusha

Team Member

Team 3

Y. Lavanya

Team Leader

A. Soujanya

Team Member

A. Akash

Team Member

R. Rupasri

Team Member

G. Rahul

Team Member

CH. Bhargavi

Team Member

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