We are a Team of Enthusiastic Professionals, striving to develop and design the world

We at WebyTechs are not only into the development and designing products but also do provide Large scale of Services at one place.

Thinking to get your Business Online, through Website, App, Domian, Hosting, etc then WebyTechs comes in front line picture serving all your needs at one place.


Company Profile

WebyTechs is the brand name of the company registered with MCA portal of India on date 24th January 2018 named “Caduceus Weby Technologies LLP”  in the town of Nizamabad, in District Nizamabad, of state Telangana, India.

Web pages to Informational Websites

Web pages: They are basic pages which are designed with HTML language and CSS Stylesheets.

Informational Websites: These are websites which have few web pages to show the information about some organisation or company or anything.

Any developer starts his website development career from learning to make basic web pages and then learning how to make an informational website.

Our company also started from scratch and took off from the same level of transformation and has never stopped at a particular transformation.

Informational Websites to Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites: Websites which are not just for the purpose to show information but to display products, manage their stocks and orders and customers and to view their reports and many more, for the functioning of a store are called to be Ecommerce Websites.

In the dream of getting big, we never stopped with what we know and started to evolve the company to bigger services with more number of solutions and have evolved it to a stage where we could get any offline store to the online world and let any small stores to get big online.

Ecommerce websites to all kinds of Website Development:

Ecommerce websites are a bit complex but nonetheless classifieds websites or social networking websites or appointments or support tickets management systems are also equally complicated and we have still started making our company’s product catalog grow bigger and bigger how impossible it may seem.

All kinds of Website Developments to Web Bundles (domains, hosting, SSL certificates, Email marketing, cloud storages, online calendars etc):

After we have started taking on all kinds of projects, it was time for expansion and the only thing we were lacking was, we were getting domains and hostings from other websites for our clients.

We felt this was the right time and expanded our business to WebBundles. With WebBundles, we were able to help our customers to get their wanted domains right from our website and also the hosting they need for the website we have designed for them and also with the SSL certificates which were made compulsory by google for better search page rankings in google search and many more like online storages, calendars, email marketing etc.

Web Bundles to c000.in affordable websites network:

By this stage our company was able to make a total website from domain to hosting and to get the website designed as per the client requirements. We wanted to reduce the costs to as low as possible and we have come with an idea to make a network, where we could make it possible for a client to get his domain, hosting and website developed, just for Rs.1000 and we named the network as c000.in (The most ever affordable website solution)

c000.in affordable websites network to BULK SMS and BULK Voice calls:

After making the dream of affordable websites possible, we were thinking we should make marketing and customer relations as affordable as possible and then we came with an intuitive idea of the cheapest promoting solution which could be as less as 15 Paisa per impression and we went for setting up our own Bulk SMS network and then later we wanted to get more into deep and established our own BULK Voice Calls network.


BULK SMS and voice calls to Toll Free Numbers and IVR receptionists:

Promoting your business by getting online with us and using our BULK SMS or BULK Voice calls will get you a customer base, but to maintain good relations with customers you will need Customer Relationship Management services and we have already added support ticket systems development to our catalog and wanted something bigger and hence entered the Toll Free Industry and IVR Receptionist industry, helping you maintain Customer relations to the extreme as a customer will be quite comfortable to reach you by call and would prefer it if it is a toll free one, as the customer will not be charged and also Toll Free Mechanism is equipped with Call recording storing process and hence all the conversations are maintained for any legal proceedings and hence will take your company a step ahead. And also IVR receptionist will let your customer reach the concerned department by pressing the respective department’s IVR number on call and hence the company will not need any receptionist to transfer the calls to the departments.

Toll Free Numbers and IVR receptionists to Legal Solutions(Trademarks, copyrights, company registrations, filings, agreements etc):

We still wanted to make it more big and hence wanted to let the companies come out of their legal burden and this was possible for us by getting into partnership with a well reputed company named VakilSearch, and with this we were able to provide customers legal support like their company registration, their GST registrations, their annual GST Filings and company IT filings and also copyrighting, trademarking, patenting and many more.

Legal Solutions to payment gateways:

With Legal solutions and all our products till this stage we were able to help our clients to get their business online and sell products online and market it and many more including legal solutions, but we were never able to actually help them collect money online and hence we decided to get partnered with payment gateways provider and we finally were able to help our clients to accept payments online from their website with their customers’ credit card or debit card or EMI or subscriptions or wallets or UPI or net banking and many more payment options. And this made a huge difference for our clients as accepting payments online and EMI facilities can make their business a lot bigger and at the end, how much money we have earned will hugely matter for the functioning and development of any business.

Payment gateways to All Device Apps:

And after we were able to help our clients accept money online, it’s time to make them available on all the platforms possible and we have started to create android apps and IOS apps, Windows Desktop apps and Smart TV Apps for customers and making them available on all devices possible ranging from Computers to Laptops, to Mobile phones, to Tablets, to Smart TVs etc

All Device Apps to WebyTechs Network:

And after we were able to help our clients accept money online and that too on all devices possible, we thought why not make an affordable network where all of our clients can put their businesses and where every person visiting the network will be able to see all the products of our clients and hence we, altogether as a network we can grow bigger and hence we started to create a network with single sign in credentials (means same username and password for all websites in the network) throughout the network.

WebyTechs Network to Franchising network:

And when our clients were able to get customers from our network we wanted them to expand and have created tools with which, in the same network they can create as many stores as possible at any online locations and train people to take care of their stores and hence expanding their business to all shores and all possibilities.

Franchising network to WebyShip delivery network:

Not all the clients have services as their products but many have tangible goods as their products and which require shipping. We have created WebyShip(WebyTechs Delivery Network) to make it possible for customers to ship it anywhere and we are planning to make it available along with WebyEntrepreneurs and have postponed its launch, but the infrastructure is all set to be launched.

WebyShip delivery network to WebyEntrepreneurs (Entrepreneur hub):

We are proudly and finally at the stage to get every person to make his own business, register it and incubate it and promote and carry on with its sales and also deliver it to their own customers and then finally franchise it and make it huge. And all of the above is possible with our new Entrepreneurs hub, where we let Entrepreneurs incubate their idea into business with our project manager and all our tools and also connect them to investors for funding and then accelerate their business with our WebyTechs Network and make it a huge success.

“We are still in the hunger to create many more affordable possible solutions and all that is possible only with your help!”